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When you are giving a gift, give it with style and a personalized touch. Our custom stickers designed for individual and family gift giving make every package cute with personalized name stickers.

We specialize in family stationery and these personalized sticker help you celebrate a gift giving occasion with more vibrancy and joy.

This personalized square sticker is perfect for any child or teen! Upper case block letters, printed on soft white textured stickers with love. Each personalized stickers set comes with 24 stickers 2x2" packed in vellum sleeve.

-----DETAILS -----

• Each set of personalized sticker labels comes with 24 stickers 2x2" packed in vellum sleeve.
• Personalized name stickers with 1-2 names
• Printed on soft white stickers.

NOTE: colors of envelopes vary, unless noted by buyer.


• Custom stickers personalized with 1-2 names.
• Colors of your choice for your square stickers ( see color style sheet)

Feel free to contact me for any custom stationery requests.

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