Joyful Journal V.7 : Class of 1998

Joyful Journal V.7 : Class of 1998

Happy weekend, friends! Fall has arrived. Temps are headed south (🤞🏻) soon and we’re officially entering my favorite season! Personally & professionally. This Joyful Journal is a throwback & dedicated to the year I graduated: Class of 1998! Age is just a number, so no shame in sharing! 🤪.  What a transitional time in any teenager's life, but one I remember so fondly! The catapult into adulthood and transition to being on your own! 

While I reflect with wonderful memories, I cannot help but notice bits and pieces of my past resurfacing! What comes around, goes around right!?! I have rounded up a few things that are ‘new’, yet ‘old’ and I can confidently say I’d be into all but one (hello black flare pants). 

Let’s start with fashion. I have yet to be one that is ‘trendy’. I lean towards classic, and preppy at times. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve embraced dresses and femininity more, but it wasn’t always that way! Bring on these birks and this menswear staple that is back in a big way!  As for things that won’t be coming back, well these take the cake! They weren’t for me then and aren’t for me now 🤪. 

Like fashion, beauty for me continues the trend of less is more. Clinique was my first love! To see this lipstick come back (or never really go away) and have its moment on TikTok is amazing. I’d buy it again without a thought. Following the skincare basics, Bobbi Brown was next, the brand and in the flesh. She was iconic as a makeup artist and influenced me to work in beauty for a short time. Nothing makes me happier to see her return to the market with a clean brand I’m IN LOVE WITH. I purchased a few items last year and keep adding! Although self proclaimed, her blush really is the best!

Thanks to my dad, I’ve always been a car girl! My first car was a classic and to see this car make its return is so fun! My husband drove one and it was super cool. These vintage restored models are dreamy too! Such a fun IG account to follow!

I have the happiest memories of my high school years at Bishop Lynch and to think we’re less than 2 years from looking at high school for our oldest! Time is flying! I wasn’t the most academic, but I do think I realized it was where my love for creativity began. While not an ‘artist’ I loved to doodle! These notebooks & stickers are a throwback to the days of note taking & doodling! While at BL, I decided to continue my education at The University of Oklahoma. I love seeing the trendy merch that is available now! BOOMER SOONER!

Enjoy the round up and I hope it brings a sense of nostalgia to you as well! Happiest fall!


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