Joyful Journal V.2 : Color Lover Edition

Joyful Journal V.2 : Color Lover Edition
Happy weekend J O Y F U L people. Spring is upon us. Fruit is extra ripe and sweet, flowers are blooming….Color is returning and what a wonderful thing it is!! Color is something that can affect our mood even if we don’t realize it! This Joyful Journal is dedicated to pops of color in products I’m loving now!


1. Overall wellness is on my radar and something I’m actively working toward at this stage in my life! To be well in mind, body & spirit! I’m learning a lot and the idea of ‘energy’ keeps presenting it to myself in many ways!

I’m almost done with this book and loving it! It’s a well rounded approach and very current! The cover also sparks joy! When learning more about energy (and not just the physical kind), hydration is a key player! Dreaming of this set to keep by my nightstand!

A friend and fellow dreamer is teaching more about energy, and how it relates to business! Highly recommend a follow, ya never know what you may learn that you didn’t know you needed!


2. Art makes me happy! Abstract art is my full on love language! I dream of an office/studio/space one day with a mural by one of my favorite artists!


3. Stacking is a concept I am diving into more these days! Gift stacking is how I love to package products for birthdays & beyond! These bars would make an awesome (and yummy) addition to any gift stack.

 While on the ‘stack’ convo… this set is a dream. Fun and colorful and makes a great gift for friends, family & mothers day! One for me, one for you! 😍


4. With spring cleaning, comes a spring refresh! I’m trying to be resourceful and use what we have and add touches of color in subtle fresh ways on our shelves! This book is about one of my favorite artists and loving the POP of color it adds to our home.


5. Age before beauty right! Or beauty at any age? Either way! This brand has my heart when it comes to making my bathroom counter joyful! Clean, colorful & a great set to try out the cult favorites!


6. Our collab with the fabulous Kelsey Klos has been a blast to create! The perfect products for color & paper lovers alike! Win, win!


For your daily dose of joy!
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