Mom Hacks : Back to School Edition

Mom Hacks : Back to School Edition

As the summer sun starts to set, a new season is on the horizon – Back to School! While the kids are busy picking out their first day outfits and fresh school supplies, there's a group of unsung heroes who also deserve to gear up for the new year: MOMS! Moms need school supplies, too! It's time to get organized and refresh your stationery. Get ready to dive into the back-to-school season with style and ease!


The Ultimate Mom Survival Kit

Amidst the chaos of packing lunches, coordinating schedules, and keeping track of all the things, moms deserve a toolset that helps them juggle everything with grace! We understand the challenges that come with this bustling time of year (and are living in it!), which is why we've created notepads specifically tailored for our busy mamas!


1. Weekly Notepads

Say goodbye to scattered sticky notes and hello to the organized structure of weekly notepads! With designated sections for each day of the week, notes & reminders, and colors that spark joy, our weekly notepads provide lots of space for jotting down appointments, reminders, and to-dos. No more frantic searches for that important note; everything you need is neatly laid out in one place!


2. Mom Notepad

You're always sending notes to the school and teacher, so look like you have it all together, without having it all together! Our Mom Notepad is catered to the busy mama of multiples. Personalize with your kids' names and your name & contact info for easy note-writing. The days of scribbling on the back of a bottom-of-your-purse receipt are over!


3. Meal & Grocery Notepads

With school comes a whole new level of meal prep and grocery shopping! Our Meal & Grocery Notepads are here to make your life easier. Plan nutritious meals and keep track of your shopping lists all on one sheet. Plus, personalize with your family name and favorite colors, or 4 of your favorite stores!


4. The Outline Notepad

For moms who thrive on organization and structure, The Outline Notepad is a dream come true! Personalize with your name and colors, and select categories that are most relevant to your day-to-day life. The Outline Notepad's clear layout will keep your thoughts and to-dos streamlined and accessible!


Elevate Your Back to School Game with Joy Creative Shop

Back to School season is the perfect opportunity for moms to treat themselves to the stationery they deserve. Our notepads aren't just about keeping you organized – it's about infusing joy and gratitude into your daily routines! With thoughtfully designed notepads, you'll find that tackling the tasks of mom life becomes not just manageable, but enjoyable!


So, here's to a new school year filled with less chaos, more organization, and a touch of FUN. Head over to the shop today and grab the notepads that will help you conquer the Back to School season like the superhero mom you are! Moms deserve school supplies too, and this year, you're going to rock it like never before!


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