Sunday more! Prep for success!

Sunday more! Prep for success!

Sunday's have gotten a bad wrap, as they are the eve to the dreaded Mondays! Instead of a day of rest, a day with family, a day for brunch and mimosas with friends, Sunday is now scary 🤪. We love a good MONDAY & want to help you switch your mindset back to SUNDAY FUNDAY and remind you that it only takes a bit of prep to set your MONDAY (and the rest of your week) up for SUCCESS! Let's thrive, not just survive! 

1. We love the digital world we live in, but we're paper people at heart! I take my weekly notepad and jot down what's happening for the week! Writing it down is one step to help my visual brain to remember all the things! This notepad helps to brain dump in style!

2. I'd love to say what I write down for my family's meal prep outline sticks, but let's be real. Some days it's breakfast for dinner or a meal on the run. I like to have a pasta, a mexican/taco dinner (our fav), a chicken and a beef down and tie a recipe to each of those! Knowing life is moving at warp speed, we use this as a guide and grocery shop accordingly! One day at a time my friends! Get prepped with this best seller!

3. Outside of grocery shopping, there is always a party, a classroom activity, a work event that needs 'a little something' to accompany it! I set myself up for success when ordering or running a few errands on the weekend to make sure I can grab and go throughout the week! This notepad is a game changer!

4. Ask for help! Taking a glance at your week and filling in the gaps of where you need help, personally & professionally will make your week way more smoothly! It takes a village my friends and we can all be here for each other with a simple ask! This notepad helps!

5. Life is hard, the hustle is real, all of those phrases are what we hear everyday! Who's talking about adding fun into your day/week! WE ARE! Prioritizing fun will give you something to look forward to each week! Work hard/play hard is our mantra! This notepad promotes balance!

Cheers to loving (or maybe trying 'liking' Mondays) and a great week ahead! 




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