The Joyful Journal V.12 : Summertime Travel, But Make It Colorful

The Joyful Journal V.12 : Summertime Travel, But Make It Colorful

Take me back to the beach

Our annual summer trip to the beach with my family has come and gone and I’m sad. The beach, especially Beach Dreams is my HAPPY PLACE for sure. I’ve been going there since I was 13 years old, and now our kids and all the cousins view this house and neighborhood as a second home. It’s such a special place. This year I added a new towel and beach pillow to my bag and LOVED them! They are comfy and make amazing gifts! Eyeing these chairs for next summer! They give off retro beach vibes! May sneak them into a kids' game or two this fall! 

Take a hike!

I am not a camper, definitely more of a glamper, but love to hike! I thought I’d stand out on the trails in these Barbie inspired sandals! Earthy, yet very Pink! Sneakers are a summer staple and these are sneaky colorful. Love the small detail on the side and the BOLD bottoms! 

Reading List

I am a visual person (no shock there), and this book travel set is on my list! They are all so cute! I took this book off my wish list, and I’m hoping to put it to good use this fall with some art-loving friends. Nothing better than coming together to create! 

Pickleball, but make it pretty!

While we’ve been home, we’ve played a lot of pickleball. I’m keeping my eye on my own paddle and fell in love with this set! Super feminine, but functional! 

I just discovered this place and am hoping they open a Dallas location! Pickleball courts in the most beautiful hues and craft cocktails! SIGN ME UP! 

Say it loud with art!

I found my IG spirit animal! She’s a badass artist (I dream of painting) and uses words and sayings that I’m obsessed with, and turns them into the most colorful works of art! Give her a follow and snag a piece of art when she has her next release! You’ll thank me later!

Our newest collection makes me think of mini pieces of art for your desk! It’s elegant, fun and whimsey all in one! The set makes the perfect gift!

I know school days are looming around the corner, but here’s to soaking up the sun and the last bit of summer! Make it colorful and full of JOY!


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