The Joyful Journal V.19 : Cheers to 44!

The Joyful Journal V.19 : Cheers to 44!

Happy April, sweet friends! This is a fun month (hey, 44th birthday!!) that leads into a crazy, wonderful season (MAY!!) IYKYK, May is no joke and this year is no different. Mother’s Day, Graduation, Teacher/End of Year Gifting, oh my!

To know me (and our team) is to know our love for thoughtful gifting runs deep. There is always a reason to celebrate and occasions big and small are worthy in our book! 

Birthdays are always fun, and as I’m getting older, they are something I’m not taking for granted. I don’t need over the top celebrations, but more of a gentle day of gratitude for another year. 

I’ve put together my birthday wishlist that I think you may love, too. It’s a little bit of need, some wants, a few luxe items, and rounding out with experiences. 


For whatever reason, I love picking out shoes for my birthday, which also is timed with the start to summer and sandal season! Got my eye on these three pairs: ComfyCuteFancy!


I have yet to purchase from this brand, but they have my name all over every item (hint: Stripes is their specialty). Going for a summer basic or two.

Summer is a time for dresses! One item of clothing and you’re dressed for the day! Perfect for the Texas heat too! This is my favorite for everyday and this is a cute date night option!


I’m a sucker for this brand. It’s my OG skin care product and I always add it to my list, as it’s a bit pricey, but worth every penny!

I love some self care via this Dallas Spa, the hot rock massage, sipping tea and reading. Some quiet TLC sounds dreamy!

As for next level skin/self care, Michele is one of my favorite humans and gives the best facial in Dallas. Can’t recommend enough. 


Not gonna lie, I’m so excited for the movie version of this book! It comes out in early May and you can believe I'll be watching it the day it releases! If you haven’t read, I’d rent it, buy it, kindle it or audio book it STAT! I’m also really excited for my favorite author’s new release in April. 


I love to travel, no surprise here! But a getaway is a getaway if you need to check out and have some good friend time. A bestie and I ‘run away’ to Waco every so often and stay here and walk around here and just enjoy catching up. I highly recommend a day trip with a friend. Call it an ‘adult field trip’ if you will. Home before carpool… BOOM!


Last but not least. I love my birthday, but LOVE LOVE to celebrate others! These Birthday Bag of Tags and gWRAP Bundle with Birthday Stickers are must-haves to help elevate my gifting with ease. Our new Birthday Essentials are thoughtful, hassle-free birthday party solutions that come in clutch time and time again!

To be honest (TBH, if you’re cool and young), I don’t need anything at all. Just my health and the people I love in my life. I’m a happy girl if those things are optimal! Cheers to 44 and continuing to do what I love for my work and you all!


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